Welcome to the Farm! In this virtual apprenticeship location, you will have the opportunity to explore the needs and care of either beef cattle or sheep.

Complete seven apprenticeship learning tasks – one in each of the inquiries under the guiding concepts in the chart below. Click on the concept to go to each inquiry and find the resources you will need.

Responsible Animal Care

1. What are the basic physical needs of farm animals?
2. What skills are necessary to have in order to care for farm animals?

Animal Health

3. How should a farm animal’s health and well being be monitored and protected?
4. How do legislation and codes protect animal welfare?
5. In what conditions should farm animals live and be housed?

Humane Animal Handling Skills

6. How should risk and hazards be avoided when handling and moving farm animals?

Standards of Care

7. How does a farm animal’s health affect the community?