Welcome to the Farm! In this virtual apprenticeship location, you will have the opportunity to explore principles of animal science and husbandry and apply best practices to provide care for either beef cattle or sheep.

Complete seven apprenticeship learning tasks – one in each of the inquiries under the guiding concepts in the chart below. Click on the concept to go to each inquiry and find the resources you will need.

Responsible Choices

1. What does animal welfare involve?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of caring for a specific breed of
     farm animal?

Animal Health & Welfare

3. What are the indicators of health for farm animals?
4. What do farm animals require for good health as they grow?

Safe & Healthy Animal Environments

5. What makes an environment safe and healthy for a farm animal?
6. How should stress be avoided when handling and moving farm animals?

Societal Responsibilities

7. How should society protect and ensure the welfare of domestic animals?