Anatomy & Breeds
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How does knowledge of livestock anatomy & breeds help you provide responsible care?

Livestock producers and handlers have the greatest influence on their animals’ well-being and health. In this inquiry, you describe livestock anatomy and functions. You also consider how breed choices affect production values.

Know livestock anatomy & breeds
Animal welfare refers to how well an animal copes with the conditions in which it lives. How does an understanding of physical characteristics of livestock help you make responsible care decisions?

Need To Know
need to know Explore characteristics and functions of livestock anatomy and body systems.
Beef cattle body systems, characteristics & functions  |   Sheep body systems, characteristics & functions
need to do Consider basic production values of some breeds of livestock.
Beef cattle classes & breeds   |  Sheep classes & breeds
need to do Find out about basic livestock production sequences and decisions.
About production applications
Need To Do
Introduction Describe important physical characteristics of livestock in this Apply card.
Describe physical characteristics & functions
Introduction Compare production values of two livestock breeds and map key stages in the livestock production process.
Compare production values & stages
Introduction Use these graphic organizers to help you complete the learning tasks.
Beef Cattle Outline  |   Sheep Outline  |   Triple T-Chart  |   Cycle
Introduction Use these images to complete the learning tasks.
Beef Cattle  |   Sheep
Introduction When you are finished the learning tasks, respond to the reflection question.
Reflect One
weblinks These weblinks will help you complete the learning tasks.

Play the beef cattle body part games in Livestock Identification.

Try this game as well.

Read about anatomy in Anatomy of the Cow’s Reproductive System.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/beef4888

Find out more about the digestive system in Beef Cattle Nutrition.

Explore a perspective on body score and the muscular system of beef from Australia.

Get a chart that identifies common names for beef cattle muscles.

Find information on sheep body parts and meat cuts on this 4-H site.

Get information on body parts and muscles of market sheep in Judging Sheep.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/4h7895/$file

Get more detailed information about sheep physiology in The Digestive System from Ontario Sheep.

Find illustrations and detailed information in The Digestion of Feed.

Find illustrations and information on sheep reproductive organs and their function in the first few pages of Reproduction in Sheep and Goats.

Use Google with the search term “beef cattle breeds” to get links and photos for different breeds of beef cattle.

Consider the information on breed selection in Breeds of Beef Cattle in Ontario.

Find more information to consider in Selecting a Beef Breed.

Get a basic overview of common beef cattle breeds in the United States and Canada.

Find information on many different beef cattle breeds in Pedigree Beef Breeds.

Explore this overview of sheep breeds and production values in Sheep 101.

Find out more about breed selection on the Sheep 201 website.

Get more information about breeds and selection in Shepherding 101: Getting Started.

Get descriptions of different breeds in Sheep Breeds.

Use Google with the search term “sheep breeds” to get links and photos for different breeds of sheep.

Explore the interactive map to consider how the various stages in the beef production cycle work.

Read more about Beef Production in Alberta.

Find information in Sheep Production Guide.