Environment & Housing
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How do environments & living spaces affect livestock care & handling?

Livestock living spaces are affected by climate, weather, land, soil and water conditions as well as the housing and shelter decisions that producers make. In this inquiry, you identify environmental factors and assess their impact on livestock care. You also assess the effectiveness and safety of different housing, fencing and handling designs.

Know about environmental influences
Environmental factors, including weather patterns, seasonal changes, the quality of land and soil and sources of water affect care and management decisions for livestock. Which two environmental factors do you think have the most impact on livestock care decisions?

Need To Know
need to know Find out how weather, climate, soil and the land can affect feed and sheltering decisions for livestock.
About livestock & the environment 
Need To Do
Introduction Conduct a mini environmental scan to identify characteristics and influences on sheltering, feed and water decisions.
Analyze environmental factors & impact
Introduction Use these graphic organizers to help you complete the learning tasks.
Bubble Map  |   If/When-Then Chart
Introduction When you are finished the learning tasks, respond to the reflection question.
Reflect Four
weblinks These weblinks will help you complete the learning tasks.

Find out about the watershed approach in Getting to Know Your Local

Find out more about riparian areas on the Cows and Fish: Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society website.

Explore Riparian Areas: A User’s Guide to Health.

Consider the information on intensive livestock grazing in Management of Intensive Livestock Grazing.

Find an effective summary of the relationship between livestock and the environment in Pasture Management.
Know livestock housing & equipment
Livestock need safe and comfortable housing and shelter as well as adequate opportunities for natural movement and exercise. Regular monitoring and maintenance of housing and fencing structures ensure safety as well as health. This includes regular cleaning and sanitizing of living spaces and equipment. Why should livestock producers, owners and caregivers take daily responsibility for livestock housing and equipment?

Need To Know
need to know Consider different types of living spaces, housing structures and fencing choices for livestock.
Housing & fencing structures for beef cattle   |   Housing & fencing structures
for sheep
need to know Explore practices and equipment for maintaining the safety and hygiene of livestock and their living spaces.
How to clean beef cattle holding structures   |   How to clean sheep holding structures
need to know Explore examples of livestock equipment and technology.
About livestock equipment
Need To Do
Introduction Analyze and assess criteria for safe, humane and clean livestock housing.
Apply livestock housing criteria
Introduction Demonstrate your ability to clean and maintain a livestock holding structure.
Demonstrate maintenance skills
Introduction Use these graphic organizers to help you complete the learning tasks.
Checklist  |   Four-Square Chart  |   Storyboard
Introduction Select from these images to help you complete a learning task.
Shed  |   Barn  |   Pen or corral  |   Pasture  |   Fencing  |   Chutes or races  |  
Alleys  |   Ramps
Introduction When you are finished the learning tasks, respond to the reflection question.
Reflect Five
weblinks These weblinks will help you complete the learning tasks.

Find a detailed discussion in Cattle Handling and Working Facilities.

Find a list of beef cattle housing and equipment plans for Alberta cattle owners and producers.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/eng4729

Get more information about housing in Beef Cattle Housing and Feedlot Facilities.

Find out more about sheep housing in Housing from the Canadian Sheep Federation Virtual Tool Box.

Find a list of sheep housing and equipment plans for Alberta sheep owners and producers.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/eng4729

Find out about Housing for Sheep.

Get more information on fencing on the Sheep 201 website.

Get detailed information in Fencing Systems.

Read Livestock Fencing Systems for Pasture Management.

Find extensive information on manure management in Beneficial Management Practices: Environmental Manual for Livestock Producers.$Department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex13088

Find more information on cleaning and disinfecting housing and handling facilities in Biosecurity Principles and Best Practices.

Find a number of links to different articles on Equipment & Operator Safety from AgriFoodBC.

Read Design of Chutes, Ramps and Races for Cattle, Pigs and Sheep by Temple Grandin.

Find information on equipment for handling beef cattle in Beef Cattle Handling Facilities.

Find information on facilities used to handle cattle in Beef Cattle Handling Facilities General Information.

Find information on sheep handling equipment on the Sheep 201 website.