Final Project
Complete a Final Project
As part of the course requirements for AGR2040: Livestock1, you are expected to complete a final project. You may choose one of the three options listed below or develop an idea of your own. You must receive approval from your teacher if you design your own project.

Option 1 Create a video or storyboard that demonstrates your ability to apply safe and humane practices to livestock growing and finishing practices.
Option 2 Create a photo collage that illustrates requirements or recommendations from the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Beef Cattle or the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Sheep and addresses aspects of responsible care.
Option 3 Enhance and develop a personal profile, highlighting livestock handling and care skills gained that can apply to a future career choice. This project option builds on a personal profile started in the Virtual Apprentice 1040 and/or 2020 courses.

Apply Your Experience
projects Alternatively, receive credit for your final project by submitting a signed statement from an experienced livestock producer or your teacher that certifies your ability to provide safe and humane care for livestock.

projects The Project planning guide provides a more detailed overview of each final project option as well as a template that helps you to plan your project. A Project Rubric is included to help you understand the criteria for assessment of your project.
Have you completed your learning tasks? Revisit and review your progress using the Livestock1 2040 learning checklist and make sure you’ve finished each task in the checklist.

Congratulations! You have completed the prerequisite for AGR3040: Livestock2 and can now move on to Virtual Apprentice 3040: Livestock2. Consider how you can also apply your learning to your future personal, career or occupational interests!