Environmental Influences
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How do environmental factors affect care & handling?

The living environment of horses is directly affected by climate, weather, land, soil and water conditions. Horse handlers and owners should consider how these conditions affect care decisions for their horses. You will identify environmental factors and assess their impact on your horse’s care.

Know your horse’s environment
Environmental factors, including weather patterns, seasonal changes, the quality of land and soil and sources of water affect care and management decisions for your horse. Which two environmental factors do you think have the most impact on your horse care decisions?

Need To Know
need to know Find out how weather and climate can affect feed and sheltering decisions
for a horse.
How weather & climate affects horses
need to do Understand the connection between environmental factors and living spaces.
How land, soil & water affect horses
need to do Watch this video to explore the connection between the environment and sheltering decisions.
Effect of environmental factors
Need To Do
Introduction Conduct a mini environmental scan to identify characteristics and influences on sheltering, feed and water decisions.
Analyze environmental factors & impact
Introduction Use these graphic organizers to help you complete the learning tasks.
Bubble Map |  If/When-Then Chart
Introduction When you are finished the learning tasks, respond to the reflection question.
Reflect Three

These weblinks will help you complete the learning tasks.

Find out more about winter care in The Big Chill.

Read more about Manure and Pasture Management for Horse Owners: The Environmentally Friendly Horse from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex7949

Find out about the watershed approach in Getting to Know Your Local

Apply what you find out about riparian areas to horses on the Cows and Fish: Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society website.

Explore Riparian Areas: A User’s Guide to Health.