You will complete ONE topic on this inquiry page. Scroll down to find the learning resources you will use. Keep track of the Need to Do tasks for this topic in your Equine1 2070 Learning checklist.
How should you handle your horse?

Appropriate horse handling skills ensure safety for horses and their handlers. These skills include understanding a horse’s natural behaviours and the importance of regular grooming and foot care. You will demonstrate techniques for handling and transporting a horse. You will also demonstrate your understanding of foot cleaning and grooming practices.

Know how to handle your horse
Horse handling refers to the techniques used to manage and care for a horse. Horse handlers and riders need to observe and listen to their horses. How can your horse’s strengths and skills be developed and enhanced through safe and humane handling techniques?

Need To Know
need to know Find out how to approach a horse in this Need to Know card.
How to approach a horse
need to do Get information on leading a horse.
How to lead a horse
need to do Understand how to tie a horse.
How to tie a horse
need to do Find out when and why a horse should be restrained.
How to restrain a horse
need to do Find out why and how a horse’s feet should be cleaned.
How to clean a horse’s feet
need to do Use this Need to Know card to learn the basics of grooming.
How to groom a horse
need to do Find out how horses should be prepared for transport.
How to transport a horse
Need To Do
Introduction Assess risk and management strategies for handling, grooming and caring for horses’ feet.
Assess handling risks
Introduction Demonstrate horse handling skills.
Demonstrate handling skills
Introduction Demonstrate aspects of daily grooming and feet cleaning.
Demonstrate grooming & feet cleaning skills
Introduction Demonstrate your ability to prepare your horse for transport.
Demonstrate transport safety
Introduction Use these graphic organizers to help you complete the learning tasks.
Triple T-Chart |  Storyboard
Introduction When you are finished the learning tasks, respond to the reflection question.
Reflect Six

These weblinks will help you complete the learning tasks.

View Basic Horse Handling and Horse Sense.

View Handling Your Horse Safely.

View How to Approach a Horse Safely.

View How to Approach a Horse in a Corral.

Explore some tips on horse handling and behaviours in Safety Up! On Safe Horse Handling.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/aet12223

View How to Lead a Horse.

View How to Lead Your Horse from a Herd.

View Leading and Tying Your Horse.

Find more detailed information on cleaning a horse’s feet on the American SPCA’s website.

View Handling Your Horse’s Feet.

Find more information in Hoof Care for Horses on the Alberta SPCA website.

View How to Tie Your Horse Properly.

Explore the links on Transporting your horse from the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada.

Read Minimizing Stress during Horse Transport, by Jennifer Wood, at Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada.

Read Physiology, Balance and Management of Horses during Transport for more information on transportation stresses.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/hrs3812