Introductory Learning Tasks
horse breed
These introductory learning resources will help you start your learning and are important to review and complete.

Introduction The Equine1 2070 Course overview provides you with an overview and guide to this course. You will also be asked to compare experiences you have with horses to your personal or career-related goals.
Introduction Responsible care of horses discusses the responsibilities that all horse owners and handlers have, including legislation and standards of care. You will find three introductory learning tasks to complete.
organizers These graphic organizers will help you complete the introductory learning tasks. They are referenced in the introductory learning resources.
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These weblinks will help you complete the introductory learning tasks.

Explore careers and occupations related to animals on the ALIS website.

Find out about animal care and welfare on Alberta SPCA's website.

Check links to animal-related organizations on Alberta SPCA's website.

Find information on SPCAs and shelters on Alberta SPCA's website.

Find animal-related stories of ethical dilemmas at the Massachusetts SPCA.