AGR 1040: Animal Basics (Dogs and Cats)

AGR 1040: Animal Basics (Dogs and Cats) is designed to help you identify and demonstrate the basic steps involved in raising and caring for dogs and cats. By successfully completing this course you will gain an understanding of the different aspects of providing general care to ensure a dog and cat’s health and well-being. You will do so by exploring the overarching question:

“What is an acceptable level of care for domestic dogs and cats?”

AGR1040: Animal Basics (Dogs and Cats) is worth one credit and generally takes between 17 and 25 hours to complete, although that time may vary, depending on your learning needs and preferences.

Course Materials

The course is divided into a “Start Here” module, five (5) modules of content and activities, and modules dedicated to the Final Project and your Personal Statement.

Throughout the course you will be provided with different kinds of content and activities. All the course materials are provided online – although your teacher may choose to have you do some or all of the materials in the classroom.

Consistent with the approach and structure of CTS courses, you will have the opportunity to apply your prior knowledge and experience to many of the activities

If you have any questions about the course materials, be sure to ask your teacher. They are there to help you do well in this course!

Getting Started

To begin, click the “Start Here!” module in the “Course Content” menu. The “Start Here!” module provides a quick orientation to the course. Even if you have already taken another ASPCA course, be sure to review the materials in the “Start Here!” module as it includes important information specific to this course.

Have a great time exploring the materials and completing the activities here in AGR 1040! Once you are done, you will be well on your way to providing your domestic animal with the best possible care.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher.

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