What to do next?

Icon for "Important"Your next steps,..

Before you jump into the course content, make sure you have completed the following activities:

Icon of a portfolio folder1. Create a course folder. Create a folder for this course on your computer or in the ‘cloud’. This course folder is where you will save copies of the activity items that become part of your course portfolio. You will also use them to complete your final project. Be sure to put the folder somewhere it is easy to find (e.g on your Desktop or in your ‘Documents’ folder). It’s also a good idea to name the folder something that’s easy to identify (e.g. “AGR 1040 Course Folder,” or “Animal Welfare Portfolio Materials,” etc.).
If you don’t know how to create a folder on your computer, follow the instructions for your type of computer (PC or Mac) here.

Icon of an arrow pointing downward from a cloud2. Learn how to save webpage PDF’s. Throughout the course you will be asked to complete activities using PDF* documents. The documents will be provided for you as part of the activity. Once you have completed filling them out, you will need to save them to your course folder. Be sure to check out and save this webpage on how to save webpage PDF documents to your computer. Follow the directions for the type of browser you use. Alternatively, you can open a PDF version of the page here.
*PDF stands for ‘Portable Document Format.’ PDFs are a special file format that ensure documents look the same on all computers.

Icon of a written submissionPractice Activity

Follow the instructions below to make sure you are all set up and ready to go in the course!


  1. Create your course folder.
  2. Open this document.
  3. Follow the instructions provided on the document.
  4. Close the file when you are done.
  5. Navigate to your course folder and open the file you just saved.

Is the text you just entered showing? If yes, great! You know how to save a PDF! 

If not, go back and review the instructions for how to save a webpage PDF to your computer and then follow these instructions again. If you are still having problems, talk to your teacher.

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