What to Expect in the Course

This course is full of a wide assortment of content and activities. And yes, there are also some assignments. Here’s what to expect,…

Course Content

The course content includes a variety of things to watch, read and explore. These include videos, images, text and weblinks. All the course content has been written, reviewed, and updated by experts in the field. It includes the best, most accurate information available at the time of writing.

Course Activities

This course has been constructed with the belief that students ‘learn best by doing.’ Thus, the course is designed around the premise that you are an apprentice taking care of your horse. There are lots of activities you will get to do in this course. As you review the content and complete activities, keep asking yourself, “How can I use this information or activity to take better care of my horse?”

Practice ActivitiesIcon of a written submissionIcon of a person's head and brain

You will have lots of opportunities to provide your thoughts and solutions for how to address various aspects of care for your horse. These ‘practice activities’ are based upon the content you will have just covered in that part of the course. Practice activities are typically ‘practice quizzes’ or activities indicated by either the ‘Person thinking’ or ‘written submission’ pencil icons. You can complete the practice activities and quizzes as often as you like.

PortfolioIcon of a portfolio folder

Your answers to the practice activities will become part of your course portfolio which you will be able to keep and take with you for future reference. If you ever have a question like, “Is this a good thing to do for my animal?”, you can refer to your portfolio. The items you place in your Course Folder will make up your course portfolio.

AssessmentsIcon of a graded written submission

You will be assessed on your work in various course activities as well as the completion of your final project.

To successfully complete the course, you will need to complete the following items:

  1. Required / Graded Activities. Be sure to complete the graded activities located throughout the course. They count towards your final grade. Graded items are clearly identified in the instructions. They also have a “+” sign in their icon. Please note that graded activities are different from the “practice” activities or quizzes.
  2. Final Project. Select and complete ONE of the options for the final project. Detailed information about how to complete the project is provided in the Final Project module.
  3. Personal statement. Write a 200-word personal statement that can become part of your career portfolio. Your responses to reflection questions found in each module will help you construct this statement.

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