Module Checklist

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Use the checklist below to ensure you have completed all the activities for this module.

I have successfully completed the following activities for this module:

I have reviewed each of the module topics, and marked each as complete. (Hint: all except the last dot in the Topic Progress indicator above should now be green.)

I completed the “Apply Horse Housing Design Criteria” activity (Activity 2.1).

I completed the “Assess Horse Housing” activity (Activity 2.2).

I completed the “Healthy Horse Environments” activity (Activity 2.3).

I completed the module “Reflection” activity (Activity 2.4).

  I have uploaded my completed Module 2 Booklet.

 I have reviewed the final project requirements and am beginning to work on the project.

Did you miss anything? No problem! Use the course menu to jump back to the item or activity you missed. When you have completed all the items on the list, you are ready to move on to the next module. 

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