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Module 5 Web Resources

These weblinks will help you complete the learning tasks:

Watch this webinar by World Horse Welfare to learn how to identify if a horse is in pain due to equipment.

Explore these videos by equitation science practitioner, Jody Hartstone, about training behaviours under-saddle and in-hand using the correct application of learning theory. 

Learn about saddle fitting from The Horse website.

Watch this video by Equitopia to learn what signs might indicate that your saddle is ill-fitting

Read the International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) position statement on the principles of learning theory in equitation.

Read about the science of how horses learn and how to train them using learning theory from XLVets Equine. 

Explore different pain behaviours to watch for when riding or training horses from the Horses and People website.

Listen to this podcast about bits, bridles, and equine welfare on The Horse website.

Explore different bits that are used in different riding disciplines by Extension Horses.

Watch this video by Equitation Science International about how to fit a noseband taper gauge.

Discover some tips for reducing horseback riding injuries by Alberta Equestrian.

Read Half-Halt How To hints from the Horse Illustrated website. 

Watch this video by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry about selecting a riding helmet.

Watch this video by Equitation Science International about nervous rider tips.

Gain more information about how horses learn from Horse Canada. 

Read about a study from the UK on the health benefits of horse riding in the UK

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