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This resource reinforces and supports these guiding principles and positions, encouraging students who are interested in involvement with domestic animals, whether livestock or companion, to become more knowledgeable and skilled in their care.

Permission is granted to make copies of any or all parts of this resource for educational, not-for-profit use in schools and classrooms only.

Students should be aware that Internet websites offered as citations and/or sources for further information may have changed or disappeared between the time this was written and when it is used.

Every effort has been made to acknowledge sources used in this resource. In the event of questions arising as to the use of any material, we will be pleased to make the necessary corrections.

We welcome your feedback – please send any comments to education@albertaspca.org or call 780-447-3600 and press 5. You can also ask us any questions about the resources or about the work of the Alberta SPCA.

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