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Alberta SPCA CTS Resources

As a program of choice, Career and Technology Studies (CTS) offers all students important learning opportunities to:

  • Develop skills that can be applied in their daily lives, now and in the future
  • Refine Career planning skills
  • Develop technology-related skills
  • Enhance employability skills
  • Apply and reinforce learnings developed in other subject areas
  • Prepare for transition into adult roles in the family, community, workplace and/or further education.

The Alberta SPCA CTS resources fulfill the requirements for the corresponding CTS curriculum as outlined in Alberta Education’s Program of Studies. Students using these resources can practice and gain experience and understandings about responsibility and care for animals. This education is important for students who may be considering a career or occupation that involves animals.

About Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

CTS Courses

Students learn independently through our resources provided online.


Registration and grading is handled by the school the student is attending.


Each resource corresponds to a one-credit course applicable towards the completion of a high school diploma.

Things to know about Alberta SPCA CTS Resources

  • If you are interested in using an Alberta SPCA CTS resource for CTS credits towards your high school diploma, talk to your teacher first.
  • All grading and credits will be assigned through your school.
  • You will only receive credits for this course if it has been approved through your school and you have completed the requirements of the course.

What Do These Resources Provide?

These resources will provide a base of knowledge which you can use to further your education with animals. It is encouraged for students taking these courses to further their learning experience by working or volunteering for such places as veterinary clinics, zoos, food animal producers, local stables, animal shelters or kennels. Gaining experience with a wide range of animal species, not just cats and dogs, can also benefit admissions, application processes or criteria that students may have to meet when they finish high school.

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