CTS Courses

High School course material now available from Alberta SPCA:

AGR 1040: Animal Basics (Equine or Dogs & Cats)

AGR 1040: Animal Basics is designed to help you identify and demonstrate the basic steps involved in raising and caring for a domestic animal (equine or dog/cat). By successfully completing this course you will gain an understanding of the different aspects of providing general care to ensure a animal health and well-being

You will do so by exploring the overarching question:

“What is an acceptable level of care for domestic animal?”

AGR 2020: Animal Husbandry & Welfare (Equine or Dogs & Cats) 

AGR 2020: Animal Husbandry & Welfare builds on the materials in AGR1040: Animal Basics.  It is designed to help you identify and demonstrate the essential steps involved in raising and caring for a domestic animals (equine or dog/cat).

In the course students will:

  • apply principles of animal science and health technology to provide care for a domestic animal, and
  • use a domestic animal and a housing or fencing structure to help you demonstrate what you have learned.
Prerequisites: AGR 1040, and AGR 3000 (offered free through SafeGen)

AGR 2070: Equine 1

AGR 2070: Equine 1 is designed to help students develop practical skills, based on approved practices, for providing the
daily care of a horse, focusing on the origin and history of horses, anatomy and conformation, types and breeds, handling and feeding practices, and basic health care.
  • AGR 3000 (offered free through SafeGen)
  • A minimum of 50 hours of previous experience in horse handling and horse care prior to commencing the study of this course is recommended
  • Access to instruction from an individual with specialized training and/or experience related to horsemanship and/or English or Western riding
Students may also find it very useful to have completed AGR 1040: Animal Basics (Equine) and AGR 2020: Equine Husbandry & Welfare).



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