Content Management System Navigation

Signing Up

  • Complete the sign up form. NOTE: You will need the email of each student taking the course.
  • You (and student) will receive an email indicating you have an account set up that includes your user name and a link to create a password.
  • Once you (and student) create a password the student can being working on the course.

LearnDash LMS

LearnDash LMS is where you will find assignments students have uploaded, and allows you to check on student progress. It also gives you access to the teacher course materials. Below are instructions on how to navigate LearnDash LMS.

  • Once you sign in, a black header will appear in your window.
  • Click ‘CTS Courses’. A left side bar will appear, and click ‘LearnDash LMS’.
  • Assignments
    • This is where every module the student uploads can be found.
    • To view document
      • Click on the assignments file name. Scroll down to the bottom of hte page and click ‘Downloaded’.
      • Once you have marked the module, you must SAVE the document and email the marks, rubric and feedback to the student.
  • Group Administration
    • This shows what students are enrolled in each course.
    • To view class lists
      • Click on ‘List Users” in the ‘Actions’ column.

Grade Book

A grade book has been provided for you to use as you see fit. It can be easily modified to your liking (ex. assign different weightings to modules).

If you have any questions or run into any problems contact

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