Course Themes and Organization

AGR 2020 Husbandry & Welfare sets a context through an overarching inquiry question, “What standards of care should guide how domestic animals are raised?”

Within this overarching inquiry, students learn about animal care through five themed modules:

  1. Responsible Choices (Module One & Two): What are the responsible choices you must make when caring for your animal? What are the indicators of health for your animal?
  2. Animal Health & Welfare (Module Three): What does your animal require for good health as they grow? How does your animal’s life cycle needs compare to your own?
  3. Safe & Healthy Animal Environments: (Module Four): What makes an environment safe and healthy for your animal?
  4. Societal Responsibilities (Module Five): How would you explain the concept of responsible animal care as “the right thing to do”?

Students complete a collection of review and/or research-based inquiries related to the theme of each module.

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