About The Alberta ASPCA (Template)

About The Alberta ASPCA

The Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Alberta SPCA) is a registered charity dedicated to the welfare of animals. The Alberta SPCA encourages the humane treatment of animals through enforcement of animal protection legislation and through education programs throughout Alberta.

The Alberta SPCA has been at the forefront of animal welfare advances since being established in 1959. They were instrumental in establishing the Animal Protection Act of Alberta in 1967, which is among the best animal protection legislation in Canada. They work closely with other agencies in animal welfare, agriculture, education, violence prevention, and other areas to provide the best level of protection for animals.

The vision of the Alberta SPCA is that every animal in Alberta is treated humanely. Their mission is to protect, promote and enhance the well-being of animals in Alberta. To accomplish this, there must be acceptance that humans are responsible for the welfare of animals; and there must be an understanding of the physical and behavioural needs of animals.

Animals are sentient beings that can experience distress, including pain, sickness and stress. The Alberta SPCA believes people have a duty to:

  • Accept responsibility for the welfare of animals in their control or custody
  • Protect animals from distress and to ensure their welfare
  • Relieve or minimize distress to any animal whenever it occurs
  • Use animals only in ways that protect them from distress
  • Keep, maintain and transport animals safely, in a manner appropriate to the species, and protected from distress
  • Ensure, if animals must be killed, the method of killing produces a humane death and is appropriate to the species

In all instances, the position of the Alberta SPCA focuses on responsible animal ownership, the quality of life and a humane death afforded to animals by humans. Individuals are encouraged to be knowledgeable about animals and human/animal relationships in order to make informed decisions about personal lifestyle choices.

This resource reinforces and supports these guiding principles and positions, encouraging students who are interested in involvement with domestic animals, whether livestock or companion, to become more knowledgeable and skilled in their care.


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