Protecting Your and Your Community’s Health

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Communities Need Animal Owners Who Protect Their Own and Their Community’s Health

A zoonotic disease is a disease that can be passed from animals to humans and can be a concern for communities. Some zoonotic diseases can be transmitted from animals to people through activities such as cleaning living spaces and grooming. Animal bites can result in infection that is caused by bacteria from the animal’s mouth. Salmonellosis is a zoonotic disease that can also be passed to people through contact with an animal’s feces. The best protection is good hygiene when handling animals or their waste. Hands should be washed thoroughly with hot, soapy water after any contact.

Horses need people who are aware of the symptoms and effects of zoonotic diseases.

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Activity 5.2 – Zoonotic Diseases

Zoonotic diseases that can be passed from animals to people can also be a community concern. This activity asks you to consider a zoonotic disease in more detail. Find the activity in your Module 5 booklet.


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