Storyboard/Video Activity

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Activity 4.1 – Create a Storyboard OR Video

Pick ONE of the two options below for this activity. The grading rubric is available in the Module 4 booklet.

Icon of a graded videoOption One – Create a Storyboard

Create a three-to six frame storyboard that teaches others how to approach, handle and transport a horse in a safe and humane way.

You can design your three- to six-frame Storyboard for a video production, website or comic strip. A blank storyboard template document is provided for this activity (or create your own).

  • Use sketches, written directions and descriptions for a video production Storyboard.
  • Use simple screen capture sketches for a website Storyboard.
  • Use comic style drawings and short text balloons for a comic strip Storyboard.

Choose ONE of the following methods to create your storyboard document:

  1. Manual Method
    1. Download and print a paper copy of the storyboard template;
    2. Manually draw a sketch or create a collage of your proposed storyboards frames using the document template;
    3. When you are done, take a photograph of it using your phone, camera, etc..
    4. Save the picture to your course folder;
    5. Upload your completed picture file using the assignment upload tool at the bottom of this page.
  2. Electronic Method (PowerPoint Version)
    1. Create a six slide PowerPoint show;
    2. Create electronic drawings or collages on each of the slides;
    3. Save the PowerPoint file to your course folder;
    4. Upload your completed PowerPoint file using the assignment upload tool at the bottom of this page.

Icon of a graded videoOption Two – Create a Video (Apply Your Experience)

Create a short video that demonstrates your ability to safely and humanely handle your horse, including each of the following skills:

  1. Approaching your horse
  2. Handling your horse
  3. Transporting your horse

Save your video to your course folder. (IMPORTANT: click here for information on compatible video file formats.)

When you are finished upload your completed video file using the assignment upload tool at the bottom of this page.

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