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In Module One, we looked at some general considerations for caring for your horse (e.g. the Five Freedoms).

In this module, we examined some of the more specific requirements horses need. We then asked you to think about applying that knowledge as you considered the actual skills you might need when caring for your horse. How much water and food will they need? How often? How much space will you need to make sure they have? What kinds of living conditions will you need to ensure they have (e.g. airflow, light, etc.)?

You were also asked to apply some of your new knowledge. The volunteer job application asked you to consider, “What would you actually need to know and do as a volunteer caring for a horse?”

Finally, we looked at the topic of animal protection as provided for by the Codes of Practice and various forms of legislation at different levels of government.

To complete your introduction to the subject of responsible animal care, please complete the final activity of the module below.

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Activity 2.5 – Legal Protection for Animals in Alberta

How do municipal, provincial, and federal laws protect animals in Alberta? Provide three examples. Note that, unless indicated otherwise by your teacher, this is a graded activity. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Submission Instructions

  1. When you are finished with this activity (the final one for this module), save the PDF to your course folder.
  2. Upload your completed file using the upload tool below. (HINT: see the Activities video if you need a refresher on how to use the upload tool.)

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