About Domestic Animals

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What is a Domestic Animal?

A domesticated animal is any animal that depends on people for food, water and shelter, including animals such as cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, goats, dogs and cats.

Domestic animals are often described in two main groups:

  • Farm animals
  • Companion animals

Animals and people have lived together for thousands of years. With few exceptions, the hundreds of animal species and their breeds have descended from ancestors who were domesticated.

Domestication is a process people use to cultivate plants and animals to serve human needs. Domestic animals have gradually adapted to living with people and serving our need for food, clothing, work, transportation and companionship. In exchange, people provide domestic animals with food and protection.

Icon of a video playerVideo (Optional): This short optional video provides some thought-provoking insights into the process of domestication, and the profound impact which domestication has had upon human development.

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Activity 1.2 – Meeting the Five Freedoms

Consider how the Five Freedoms impact survival, injury, disease and the nature of an animals overall existence.

Take a few minutes to complete Activity 1.2 in your Module 1 Booklet. Note that, unless indicated otherwise by your teacher, this is a graded activity (rubric follows activity in Module 1 Booklet).

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