A Day In The Life…

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Activities: A Day In The Life…

What ongoing responsibilities do animal owners have? What aspects of the horse’s health and behaviour should be monitored daily?

Animals that are lethargic, dull or uninterested in their surroundings may be showing signs of a health problem.

General Instructions

  1. Complete the activities below to brainstorm and then create a “to do” checklist of daily, weekly and monthly tasks that you think are necessary to provide basic and essential care for your horse.
  2. Use the weblinks provided at the bottom of this page and the previous course topics to help you complete the activities.
  3. Remember to save each activity document to your course folder before you close the window.

Icon of a written submissionActivity 2.1: Brainstorm

Find this activity in your Module 2 Booklet. Brainstorm a list of your new horse’s basic physical care requirements. (Remember that the weblinks provided at the bottom of this topic page are there to help you complete this activity.)

When you are finished, save the document to your course folder and proceed to the next activity.

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Activity 2.2 – Areas of Care throughout the Year

 Using the Module 2 Booklet, complete the following activity. Note that, unless indicated otherwise by your teacher, this is a graded activity. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Icon of an internet linkActivity Weblinks

Use the links below to help you complete the activities.

Find out more about caring for horses in summer months from the Alberta SPCA.

Find out more about caring for horses in the winter from the Alberta SPCA.

Detailed information on feeding horses is available in the “Nutrition and Feeding Management for Horse Owners” PDF (courtesy of the Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development organization).

Health & Disease section of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Horses’ webpage.

Fact sheets on different animal diseases are available by clicking on the Reportable and Notifiable Diseases links of this Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s webpage.

The Alberta SPCA has more information on laminitis and founder.

Find information on equine health using Equine Guelph’s equine healthcare tools.

Various articles on horse health are provided by the ABVMA (Hint: search the offerings for information of interest).

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