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Module Summary

Domesticated animals have been an important part of people’s lives for thousands of years. They can be companions, provide us with food and clothing, and they can help us in our work or recreation. Just as animals provide for us, it is vital that we also provide for them. The Five Freedoms are a widely recognized set of general guidelines for domestic animal care. Codes of Practice go a step further, setting out in specific detail what is required to meet a domestic animals’ essential needs for survival, safety and comfort. It is worth noting that much of the information provided later in this course is included in or based upon equine Codes of Practice.

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Activity 1.3 – Meeting Horse Needs

 Imagine you are about to get your first horse. What are some things to consider in order to meet your horse’s needs in terms of the five freedoms?

Take a few minutes to complete the activity.

Submission Instructions

  1. When you are finished this activity (the final one for this module), save the PDF to your course folder.
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