Intro & Module Activities

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Animal owners are morally and legally responsible to care for animals, provide them with appropriate food and shelter, and ensure they are not subjected to unnecessary pain and suffering or stress.

In this module, you will focus on the following question: How would you explain the concept of responsible animal care as “the right thing to do?”

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Module Objectives

By successfully completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify and describe legislation intended to address animal welfare.
  • Identify and describe organizations in the community that enforce animal protection legislation.
  • Identify federal and provincial laws related to animal protection.
  • Outline a protocol for reporting an animal welfare issue.

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Module Activities

You will be using a module activities booklet to complete the practice activities for submission. Unless indicated otherwise by your teacher, use the rubric that follows the activity.


  1. Download the Module 5 Booklet and save it to the AGR 2020 course folder on your computer (i.e. the course folder you created when you started the course).
  2. When you get to a place in the online module where you are supposed to complete an activity: 
    1. Open the module booklet,
    2. Scroll to the relevant activity,
    3. Complete the task,
    4. SAVE your work.

At the end of the module, you will upload your completed module booklet. (HINT: see the Activities video if you need a refresher on how to use the upload tool.)

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Estimated Time Required

It is estimated it will take you approximately 90 minutes to complete this module.

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