Animal Observation Activity

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Activity 3.2 – Animal Observation

Simple observation – on a regular basis – is an important aspect of animal care. An animal’s physical appearance and behaviour should be monitored so that changes in appearance or behaviour can be identified. Sometimes, these changes can indicate illness or disease.

What Do These Images Suggest? Answer the questions about the images in your Module 3 Booklet. (Note: Full sized versions of the images in the document are also available by clicking here (image one) and here (image two) for the dog images and here (image three) and here (image four) for the cat images.)

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Weblinks for Activities 3.2 – 3.4

These weblinks will help you complete the learning tasks.

Learn more about litter box problems from the American SPCA.

Watch a video that shows a dog’s social interaction and play in a living space.

Find out more information about common diseases in cats from the American SPCA.

Find out more information about common diseases in dogs from the American SPCA.

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