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Web Resources

Below is a handy summary of the weblinks provided in earlier topics. You may wish to bookmark one or more of these pages for your future personal / professional use.

These web links will help you complete the learning tasks.

Why Litter is Important for Cats and How to Deal with Litter Box Problems (American SPCA) 

Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association)

Code of Practice for Canadian Cattery Operations (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association)

How to Brush your Pet’s Teeth (video)

Periodontal Disease (video)

A Dog’s Social Interaction and Play in a Living Space (video)

How to Check Your Dog’s Pulse (video)

Dog Health Checklist (Animal Trust)

Cat Health Checklist (Animal Trust)

Why Vaccinations Are Crucial for Your Animal’s Health (Alberta Veterinary Medical Association)

Common Diseases in Cats (American SPCA)

Common Diseases in Dogs (American SPCA)

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