Pet Housing Activity

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Activity 3.5 – Pet Housing Activity


What would an efficient, safe and humane living space for a dog or cat look like? For this activity, complete one of the two options to propose or analyze a housing or shelter design for dogs or cats.

Icon of a lifesaver ringNOTE: Before attempting to complete this activity you should do the following: 

  1. Review the topics on pet health, care and protection earlier in this module to refresh your memory.

As you explore these resources, keep track of or highlight the elements and conditions that you think are most important.

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Option One: Propose Improvements

You have been hired to do an assessment of an animal shelter and provide suggestions to improve the living space for the animals. You are provided with the following scenario. What suggestions do you have to improve the living space for the dogs and cats to make it more safe and humane based on the information you have been provided? (Use what you learned in the module and the Code of Practice for dogs and cats.)


Dogs are housed individually in small kennels with windows that allow direct sunlight to shine in the space. The temperature of the kennels can be high during times of day when the most daylight shines on the kennels. There is no direct access to the outdoors from the kennels so staff must attempt to exercise the dogs and take them out to toilet throughout the day. This means the dogs sometimes have accidents in their kennels near their bedding. The excitement of the dogs as they wait for their time out of the kennel creates a noisy environment. 

Cats at the shelter are kept in kennels in small groups. They have beds on the floor and a litter box. Food dishes, water, and a scratching post are also available near the beds and litterbox. The cats don’t have access to the outdoors, but have toys available to play with.  

Complete this activity in the Module 3 Booklet.

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Option Two: Apply Your Experience

  1. Create a sketch or take a photograph of current housing or shelter you have/work with for your dog or cat (use it to answer part 2).
  2. Identify five key elements in your housing or shelter that ensure efficiency and/or safety. Identify how these elements relate to the Code of Practice and the information on dog and cat needs found in this module.

Complete this activity in the Module 3 Booklet.

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