How Would You Monitor Your Cat or Dog’s Health?

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Monitoring An Animal’s Health & Well-being

Animal owners know their animals better than anyone else. Thus, they should ensure that they have a good understanding of what is normal for their animal so that it is easier to recognize what is abnormal.

Effective monitoring of an animal’s health and well-being includes three main responsibilities:

  1. Taking proper preventative measures and learning to recognize early signs of disease.
  2. Knowing when to seek professional advice about a problem.
  3. Becoming knowledgeable about potential health issues and common diseases.

Keep these responsibilities in mind as you complete the topics in this module. Before you jump in to the rest of the module, take 3-5 minutes to complete the following activity.

Icon of a written submissionActivity 3.1 – Protecting Your Dog or Cat’s Health

How do you think cat and dog owners can ensure that their animal’s health is protected? Complete the activity in your Module 3 Booklet.

When you are finished, save the document to your course folder and proceed to the next topic.

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