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Web Resources

These weblinks will help you complete the module learning tasks. You may wish to bookmark one or more of these pages for your future personal / professional use.

Body Language Charts for Dogs (Dr. Sophia Yin and Lili Chin)

Dog Body Language 101 (Fear Free Happy Homes)

How to Handle Your Dog (Dogs Trust)

Training Your Dog With Rewards (DogsTrust)

What is Positive Reinforcement in Dog Training? (Companion Animal Psychology)

Reasons for Using Positive Reinforcement (Companion Animal Psychology)

Dog Training 101 (Fear Free Happy Homes)

Activities & Enrichment for Dogs (Fear Free Happy Homes)

Canine DIY Enrichment (American SPCA)

Teaching Your Dog New Skills (Dogs Trust)

Cat Body Language 101 (Fear Free Happy Homes)  

Spectrum of Fear Anxiety and Stress (Fear Free Happy Homes)

 How Cats Learn (Fear Free Happy Homes)

The Importance of Cat Play (Alberta SPCA)

Travelling Safely With Your Pet (Ontario SPCA)

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