Project Options

Option 1: Demonstrate Daily Care

Create a trifold brochure, entitled “So you’re interested in owning a horse?” that demonstrates and shares your understanding of “approved” practices for the daily care of a horse. In your brochure, provide at least ten different bulleted tips and points that you think are most important for prospective horse owners to know. Make sure that you consider the requirements and recommendations in the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines. 

Organize your bulleted tips and points under at least two of the following four areas of care:

  • Horse sheltering is an important responsibility. Before you get a horse, consider the following sheltering needs and responsibilities…
  • You will have to meet these daily care responsibilities…
  • If you want to breed your horse, you must make decisions such as the following about reproductive care…
  • Check your horsemanship skills…

As an alternative to the trifold brochure, create an audio or video podcast, instructing a potential horse owner about basic aspects of daily care.


You can choose to present your option in any of the following ways:

Icon of a graded paper or reportA brochure,

Icon of a graded videoA video podcast,

Icon of a graded podcast or audio recordingA scripted audio podcast.


Option 2: Project Horse

Create a “Project Horse” website design, targeted at horse owners and riders, that addresses aspects of responsible care and horsemanship skills. Create your design to include weblinks for at least two of the following topics:

  • Shelter and fencing design
  • Stress avoidance
  • Reproductive care
  • Riding

For each of the web links you include, create a list of what you think are the three most important “best practices.” Find and include at least one illustration or photograph for your home page and each link in your design.

Option 3: Profile

Enhance and develop a personal profile, highlighting horse care and horsemanship skills gained that can apply to a future career choice. Organize your profile to include the following new skills:

  • Why stables and other physical facilities are important for the welfare of horses
  • How you provide a healthy environment for your horse, including stall cleaning, bedding, turnout and shelter
  • Why knowledge of a horse’s reproductive cycles helps you provide care and ensure its welfare
  • Your strengths in horsemanship skills, including proper tack fitting, communicating effectively with your horse, training it and demonstrating riding skills
  • Horsemanship skills you would like to improve.


You can choose to present your option in any of the following ways or use your own design:

Icon of a graded videoA video or storyboard,

Icon of a graded podcast or audio recordingA scripted audio podcast,

Icon of a graded websiteA simple personal webpage design,

Icon of a graded presentationA series of slides.


Option 4: Apply your Experience

Alternatively, receive credit for your final project by submitting a signed reference letter from your riding instructor or trained and experienced adult that certifies your ability to safely and humanely handle, train, ride and provide a range of daily care tasks for a horse.

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