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Module 2 Web Resources

These weblinks will help you complete the learning tasks:

Explore the article links on the Healthy Lands for Healthy Horses page from Equine Guelph. 

Learn more about fencing for horses from the University of Georgia. 

Find information on horse housing choices in Tips for New Horse Owners from the University of Nebraska.

Explore information on horse housing from The Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service.

Check out this Barn Safety Checklist for tips to ensure safe housing for horses.

Check out this Barn Fire Prevention Tool by Equine Guelph to reduce the risk of fires in stables.

Read Emergency Preparedness by Equine Guelph to learn how to develop an emergency preparedness plan. 

Consider how to deal with mud in The Top Five Ways to Keep Mud Under Control in Your Horse’s Pens from EquiSearch. 

Consider how to deal with mud in Mud Management and Horses by Equine Guelph. 

Find more information on flooring choices in Housing for Horses: Flooring for Stalls from the University of Nebraska.

Learn more about feed management for horses from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development or Equinews

Find detailed information on management systems in Managing Small-Acre Horse Farms from Oregon State University.

Consider pasture management strategies in Pasture and Hay for Horses by PennState Extension.

Find an overview of managing livestock manure from the Government of Alberta.

Read more about manure and pasture management for horses in Alberta from Manure and Pasture Management for Horse Owners from Alberta Agriculture, Food, and Rural Development.

Learn more about proper horse bedding in Choosing the Right Bedding For Your Horse from Equine Wellness.

Read more about biosecurity in Equine Biosecurity Principles and Best Practices from the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association and Alberta Equestrian Federation. 

Learn more about biosecurity for horse owners from Equine Guelph. 

Find out more information about stable hygiene from Equine Guelph. 

Learn about different bedding for horses by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

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