About the Practice Activities, Assignments and Portfolio

Practice Activities

Have you ever had one of your tests or assignments returned and been surprised to see the grade is lower than what you had expected? Feels terrible doesn’t it! The problem is often that we think we understand information better than we actually do.

Practice activities to the rescue! Practice activities are designed to help you answer the question:

“How well do I really understand what I just watched, read, etc.?”

Why should you do them?

That’s a good question! Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • By completing the practice activities, students typically get higher grades on the graded assignments than students who skip the practice activities.
  • If you continue in a course without understanding the early materials, you will almost always get confused later. Completing the practice activities now reduces the chance of getting confused later in the course.
  • Practice activities often act as building blocks for your course assignments. Thus, by doing the practice activities, often you are doing some of the work you end up having to do later anyway. It’s a win-win scenario!
  • The work you do in some practice activities becomes part of your course portfolio which your teacher may ask to see at the end of the course.

All of the course practice activities can be completed online. However, your teacher may wish you to complete or submit some or all of them in class. As a general rule, follow the instructions provided for completing the activities online unless your teacher tells you otherwise.

Practice activities are designed to be both practical and fun! They are not graded but, as you can probably tell from the list above, there are lots of good reasons to do them! They are highly recommended.

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Assignments are required activities. Unlike practice activities, assignment activities are graded and count towards your mark in the course. Don’t leave any of them out! Assignments appear throughout the course. The Final Project and your Personal Statement are also required activities.

Unless directed otherwise by your teacher, submit all assignments and the Final Project online using the directions provided.

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Throughout the course you will create materials which can go into your course portfolio. The course portfolio is something you can take with you and will contain information you can use after the course has ended.

Portfolios can also be great items to show prospective employers, making you stand out from others who are applying for the job. Directions for what items to include in your portfolio are provided throughout the course.

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How Much Are Assignments Worth?

The weighting of assignments (along with any specific grading information) is directed by your teacher. Check with them for more information.

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