About the Practical Skills Activities

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About the Practical Skills Activities

As mentioned in the previous topic, this course uses a “learn-by-doing” approach. Nowhere is that more true than in the Practical Skills component of the course. Please be sure to carefully read and follow the directions in the Completing the Practical Skills section below.

Completing the Practical Skills

In order to complete this course, you will need supervised access to a horse to practice and demonstrate the practical skills outcomes in the Agriculture 2070 curriculum.

Now is a good time to identify an evaluator for the practical skills component. If you are unsure who could do the evaluation, talk to your teacher. Once you have identified an evaluator, inform your teacher. They will provide the assessment documents to the evaluator or ask that you provide them.


Be sure to follow all of these steps in order. This will ensure you are properly credited for your Practical Skills assessment. Consider printing out this page as a ‘checklist’ to ensure you have completed all the necessary steps.

  1. Ensure you have supervised access to a horse.
  2. Identify an evaluator (on your own or with the help of your teacher) and inform your teacher of who they are.
  3. Confirm with your teacher who (you or your teacher) will be providing the evaluator with the assessment document: AGR 2070 Equine 1 Practical Skills Assessment.
  4. Confirm with your evaluator that they have the above documents well before the assessment.
  5. Download and print out the Practical Skills Document. Alternatively, the assessment is a fillable PDF and can be completed electronically.
  6. Send the electronic versions to your evaluator by email. Include your teacher’s email address in the CC field of your email so that they get a copy to verify your answers.
  7. Once your evaluator has completed and signed the Practical Skills Assessment Sheet, they should email it to your teacher.

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