Activity: Anatomy & Conformation of Horses

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Activity 2.1 – Anatomy & Assessing Conformation

It is important to be able to identify parts of the horse’s anatomy. This will help you to understand the function of each physical feature as well as communicate with others when discussing anatomy. In this activity, you will identify features of horse anatomy as well as assess the conformation of a horse.


If you haven’t done so already, download the module activities booklet to your computer now by clicking below and saving the file to your course folder on your computer.

  1. Open the copy of the Module 2 Activities booklet on your computer.
  2. Scroll down to the “Anatomy & Assessing Conformation” activity in the booklet.
  3. Respond to each of the questions provided.
  4. SAVE your work.
  5. Proceed to the next item here in the online course.

These weblinks will help you complete the learning tasks:

Watch this video [7.10 minutes] on a preliminary study examining skull morphology and behavioural differences in horses by Dr. Katrina Merkies.

Find information and diagrams on horse conformation on the University of Minnesota Extension website.

Find information about evaluating a horse’s conformation on the University of Georgia’s Extension website.

Explore more detailed information on conformation in the “Conformation & Evaluation” section of the 4-H Horse Project Manual from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

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