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Icon of an item or step to completeHave you completed all the activities for the module?

Use the checklist below to ensure you have completed all the necessary items designed to ensure you are ready to get going on the AGR 2070 course content. Check off all the items that you have completed.

  I have reviewed each of the topics in this “Start Here!” section, and marked each as complete. (Hint: all the dots in the ‘Topic Progress’ indicator should now be green except the last one.)

  I have created and named a course folder to save my activity documents on either the computer I will be using for this course, or in the cloud.

  I have successfully saved and verified the Sample PDF activity document in my course folder.

Were you able to check off everything on the list? If you missed something, no problem! Just use the course menu to jump back to the item or activity you missed.

When you have completed all the items in the list, you are ready to move on to Module 1. See you there!

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