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Module 4 Web Resources

These weblinks will help you complete the learning tasks:

Find out more about vital signs and indicators of general health in the “Horse Health,” section of the 4-H Horse Project Manual by the Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

Consider the information on monitoring a horse’s health in The Horse Health Check provided by Equine Guelph. 

Watch the Horse Health Tracker videos by Equine Guelph to learn how to monitor vital signs, body condition score and body weight in horses.

Check out Equine Guelph’s Lameness Lab to find out why lameness occurs, what it looks like and clues to look for in lame horses.

Watch these Health Flash videos by Equine Guelph to learn about vaccinations for different horses and why it’s important to vaccinate horses.

Read Equine Dermatology: Everything You Wanted to Know (and More) about Skin from the Horse Report, Volume 24. 

Get more information about laminitis and founder on the Alberta SPCA website.

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